Saturday, December 17, 2005

off to the park
Author Stephen Rozwenc from Haydenvile MA

just inside two
black iron gateposts
and a row of pew type benches
for bemused parishioners

two frizzy-haired priestesses
in street stained sweatsuits
and one
spittle bearded bishop
in a 30 gallon trash bag
(in case of rain)

bob and weave
rock and sway
kick and spit
ritual howls
as they pass
a brown paper bagged pint
of cheap communion wine
back and forth
up and down
gulp and giggle
sublime and fickle
Allah favors
the compassionate
as they offer
their cautious prayer
to the hawk
and the wild iris
for the unbearable return
of the extinct
ivory billedwoodpecker

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Anonymous said...

Nice poetry. The author is my uncle. Really nice too.