Monday, December 12, 2005

First day at the new job UMASS

My day began when I woke up without the alarm at 5:30 to have a reasonable time to take all of my chores, have some coffee, eat breakfast, read the NYTIMES and walk the dogs. I had to do all the chores with the chickens myself because Cheska was at a conference in San Antonio. Big deal with the chickens at the end of the day those slackers only laid ten eggs.
My biggest concern was that I left my dogs all alone for the day. I really did feel guilty about this. I could not look Ranger in the eye when I put him in his pen. Both DJ and Ranger did fine.
I think that this job is going to work out well though. The University seems like a great place to work and seems to be the kind of environment that I can thrive in.
As soon as I got home all my people started calling and emailing. That made me feel good.

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