Sunday, August 17, 2014

European reflections


There is always is often something special about the way the light shines on the land wherever you go. For instance that California sun at midday not only heavily illuminates but is also able to blot out shadow with an internsity set on high.  

British sun is not quite as strong and itens to bend color on a much cooler shade and scale. 
The French sun is more discreet and keeper of secrets as it sends many people home as shops close from 1- 3pm daily. 

Middle East sun is hot and it creates no shadow just a stark brightness that one cannot hide from. Even if you close eyes the sharp light bleeds through.

The Sea bleached Netherlands sky is responsible for energizing the most beautiful flower gardens grown in the flat damp earth of the lowlands. With its purest blue & puffy character shaped clouds it is always a pleasure to watch the constant changes ahead. 

The Berlin sun is up late and continues to illuminate the dark for those late night coffee drinkers, cake eaters, club dancers and the fast moving cab drivers who ply the streets. 

The days are beginning to get noticeably shorter as the sun slips past the horizon minutes sooner with each passing golden sunset. 


Andrew Winters said...

Nice coda...write more, I like it and I am glad you and Cheska kept your friends informed about your trip.

DAEPRO said...

Thanks Andrew. In my head I am composing a more comprehensive trip review. Hope not to do too much navel gazing about it though.

Playing guitar has taken up much of my time and as a result have not yet begun to even edit my thousands of photos. However I am switching those chords around pretty darn fast.