Monday, July 28, 2014

Planet Of The Apes (Belgium style)

Took some time off from being a tourist and went to the movies in Brussels with some friends to see this American Blockbuster.  This episode of the series took place sometime in the future in a place I am quite familiar with -San Francisco. Always have been a fan of the Apes. 
Going to the cinema in a foreign country has the usual routines: schedule checking, ticket purchase, locating seat in darkened auditorium and settling in while watching trailers and assorted commercials for junk food. 

However each culture can have its own nuances.  Belgium is no exception.  First of all this theatre was ultra modern with comfortable chairs, huge screen and superb audio system. It sounded like the apes were hovering all around us as well as seemingly in the trees above. Nice affect. 
Chose the 3D option and the special affects were spectacular. Unlike in the US theaters the glasses were distributed in unopened plastic bags and you did not have to return them. 

The film was predominantly in the original English, however the Apes often spoke in their subliminal sign language which displayed in sub titles both French and Flemish.  Two lines representing each language. Took a little while to get used to that.  For the most part I was able to comprehend the Flemish as it is close to German.  I did have a little help from my friend Gab who whispered some interpretations that were key in understanding the flow of the Ape dynamic. 

Seeing a film located in the futuristic badly damaged Bay Area made me long to walk past SF city hall and the Hall Of Science again soon.  Hope the Apes will not take over before Mid August. 

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Ron Baum said...

Sounds so realistic, that you should have been wearing a helmet