Monday, July 07, 2014

Kibbutz Inbar

Leaving Jerusalem and arriving in a Northern Israel is like going from the congestion of Manhattan and arriving in Vermont. 
Surrounded by cow pastures, olive groves, pomenegrante trees and cool fresh air the Tiberias region is certainly tranquil. 
Many of the small Arab villages are populated by the Druze.  Who have shown us their warm hospitality.  
The Inbar Kibbutz itself seems to be made of up of an eclectic bunch of Israelis who express interests in good coffee, yoga, Tai Chi and puppies. 

From this jumping off point we traveled to the Kinnaret for a swim in the fresh water lake, climbed windy Mt Arbel for a birds eye view of the caves & took a spiritual journey to Safed  to try to learn more about the Kaballah.  

The lake was wonderfully refreshing. Met some nice people there who all wanted to share their experiences traveling around the USA. 

Almost did get blown off the high ledges of Mt Arbel.

Somewhat disappointed in Safed as the narrow streets did not take us on any spiritual magic carpet ride. 

It seems that many places we stay in we leave with some regret that we could not stay longer.  Here in Inbar we met two sets of people whom we exchanged email addresses with. Perhaps establishing longer  lasting friendships. Time will tell. 

Now on to Haifa our final leg of the Holy Land adventure. 


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