Friday, May 30, 2014

I hear that train whistle blow.

Three days ago Cheska and I took a 6.5 hour train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin.  Quite comfortable but a got a little long after 5 hours. 
As you might expect the train is quite reliable and certainly on time.  Surprisingly no internet wifi option. 
Local trains in Holland seems to have provided it but not so on inter EU travel. 
Arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnof and got on the Berlin transit, which consists of Sbahn(elevated)
Ubahn(subway) and buses. 
We got on the Sbahn and after a few stops swiched downstairs to the dimly lit ubahn with the crazy color upholstery-see photo. 
One stop away from Hermannplatz where we had to get off two men where checking tickets. Confidant  mine was legit since I purchased them not from a mechanical dispenser but rather from someone in the official office. I told her where we wanted to go and she gave me two tickets.    I showed them to the two undercover transit thugs. They said these were not good and demanded we leave the car and come with them. They were quite insistent demanding ID and passport. 
On the platform they said we are to pay them first 14€ each or pay "the bank" 17. 
My adrelinin started flowing which when it takes over I can be unpredictable. I argued first in English and then in German.   He finally waved his hand dismissing us returning the passports.  The agents then turned their attention to a young Black woman who was apologizing in German, while they wrote her out a fine. 
Was it my innocence, anger or white privilege that made them cut me loose?


jherz said...

Were they legit officers or criminals? Scary!

DAEPRO said...

Judy, I think they were legit as I have seen others like them on the trains. They also had hand held printers to write out tickets or recepts.
To tell you the truth for whatever reason I was more pissed than scared.

Roy Berkowitz said...

Show me your papers! And a whole new batch of nightmares begin.

DAEPRO said...

Roy my biggest nightmare thus far was...left sided driving in London. Cars drove hella fast there too. Crossing the street was terrifying.

Ron Baum said...

Change at 168th Street