Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lil DJ.

She bounded into our house with blue painted toenails at 3 months of age arriving by jet from Denver and remained with us for her whole 15 years. DJ was a cute little dog with a dominant personality.
Bossing around her larger dog companions and being totally assertive to her human caretakers she made her presence known to all that came in contact with her.  In her prime she jogged the hills of Western MA like a race horse, then sitting on her throne of the Lazy Boy recliner.  At night she would race to her crate to sleep with the command "Ok DJ get in your box".
She had many pitfalls and quirks.  Like a cat though she had nine lives with a strong will to live.  Surviving several accidents in her youth, a chocolate poisoning in middle age she succumbed in November 2012 to a weakening of her cardiac system causing her to collapse- recover, collapse-recover, collapse- recover and then to breathe her last under the cloud of intentional anesthesia in an Oakland Veterinarians office.
Dj was a part of the heart of our lives
We all will never forget you.


Anonymous said...


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Lisa Valerie Blake said...

RIP DJ, a finer friend never did fit in a purse so well. Hope the rest of you are fine!

Love from Maine,