Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Heritage

Who am I? What am all about and where did come from? These are questions that I know in my heart but are apparently difficult to answer on paper.

A German law allowing offspring of citizens who left the country because of Nazi persecution
to once again become Native applies.

So for the last few years my consistent search for documents proving my heritage required to obtain dual citizenship has plagued me. After exhaustive searching I have apparently located them all except one: parents marraige certificate issued by NYC. This elusive certificate is the lone stumbling block opening doors to re establishing my EU rights.

In the city where I live there is a huge Mormon Temple. One of the missions of that religion is to help anyone in learning about their heritage. They have a huge database and access to others. I paid them a visit.

Enlisting the assistance of experts in locating genealogical paths has not proven to be much help except in highlighting one outstanding fact. The day I went to their offices for help in this matter Sept 11, 2010 paralleled the anniversary of my Fathers landing in America on September 11,1938. We all marveled at that coincidence, raising specters of spirituality to those so inclined. However it still leaves me having to cajole Manhattan bureaucrats to fire up their microfilm in finding this fading needle in a haystack.

So I continue to work on this and will hopefully prevail. Stay tuned to learn how this will turn out.

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