Thursday, May 06, 2010

San Francisco Bay Days

Walking along the Embarcadaro one sees a variety sights, sounds and smells. The rushing traffic with cars, buses and trolleys keep whizzing by. The sqwuaking of seagulls diving into the grey water ofthe bay adds a touch of nature while the occasional freighter loaded with a huge cargo of colorful containers from China makes it all the more exotic . The walk along this street in the world class city of San Francisco remains a stunning example of why I am so glad that I now call the west coast my home.
It was drizzling lightly the day I took this photo and the gentle moisture dampens the image as well making it appear less crisp or dazzling as the same shot on sunny day. One half an hour later the clouds lifted as they often do on the bay and the bright light brought warmth and shadows to the scene creating an entirely different image from the one above.

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