Friday, January 01, 2010

Legion Of Honor SF

As a recent transplant to the West Coast I am constantly making new discoveries, most of them pleasant.

A museum that I have never heard of is the Legion Of Honor
A magnificent building itself houses these great works of art. A fit setting for this collection of major masters. The permanent artists include well known sculptors including Rodin. Most everyone knows the Thinker. But what about a silver Hercules battling a six headed dragon? They are all there.
There is always a temporary exhibition, currently we see Cartier Jewelers. Prior to that Egyptian Art and Mummies filled the massive granite hall.\
It is located on cliffs overlooking the Bay with a great view of Bridge Golden Gate Bridge.
Twenty bucks will get you in and you can always become a member. It might be worth it depending on how often you go.
There are also nice hiking trails all around, eventually taking one to Lands End.


JoJo said...

Did you see the Holocaust Memorial tucked away below the parking lot? It's very moving. Lincoln Park is one of The City's hidden jewels.

Anonymous said...

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