Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meteorologist required here. Experience necessary.

Weather on the west coast makes me confused. After living in New England as long as I did I knew that when hot weather is about to change to cooler temps most of the time the cold front is preceeded by a storm. Sometimes these storms accompanied by thunder and lightening are so powerfully violent the house shakes. That is not the case on the left coast.
After just experiencing an unusual few days of 90 degree temps cold air just blew in with a strong gusts, dramatically dropping 30 degrees in 24 hours. No rain no nuthin. Strange to me how this occurs but one of the many wonderous new natural phenomena that I am observing.

As for the house shaking here in the Bay Area that is something I have not yet felt and not really looking forward to. In fact thinking about that can keep me awake at night.


quincybaby said...

can you let me know how i can email you?
I have some questions about your move to alameda. we are from w.mass and my daughter is moving there in a month!!!

quincybaby said...

and she's going alone!!! and she's only 22!!! HELP!!!!