Sunday, March 29, 2009

More than a cookie?

This week we had the opporunity to introduce to my new west coast friends the famous Black & White. I had no idea how this NYC staple was so rare in this part of the country. Some people have never heard of them, few had seen them referenced on "Seinfeld", others thought that they were found only in Italian bakeries. Most importantly the vast majority had never tasted one.
This was their big chance then. They were consumed with gusto by these B&W virgins. Some eating the vanilla first, others the chocolate and others switching back and forth. A projective personality test meaning something with the results being anecdotal at best.

The cookie itself also lends itself to a variety of conversations about race relations. It is interesting that when a Black & White is found in Europe it is called an American Cookie or Amerikaner.

As for me after frosting about two dozen, I found that less fun than I thought. By the way the vanilla is frosted first because, the vanilla can be more easily converted to chocolate. Impossible the the other way around.

I had the remote fantasy of opening a little speciality bakery offering the signature Black & White here in the bay area but after making two dozen I think I changed my mind.

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