Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes Oakland...

A friend of mine was talking via email about SF/Oakland and some of the comparisons between the two sister cities. I thought about it for awhile and then came up with the following observation. After I sent it to him he suggested I blog it. Thanks Lenny for the idea. Sometimes you need old friends to inspire.

Both cities are heavily Asian influenced, both have great restaurants.
SF has the Giant’s, Oakland has the “A’s”.
SF has great museums and Golden Gate Park.
Oakland has some cool hiking trails that go on forever and you can let your dog run off leash but you have to watch out for the deer and the cougars.
SF has better night life but Oakland has the Oracle Arena and Raider stadium.
The hills in Oakland are on the outskirts of town while the hills in SF run through the city and make it a challenge to walk around.
Oakland may have more crime but there are parts of SF that are not too close behind.
The weather in Oakland is far superior, with less fog.
The home prices in both cities are dropping fast.
Oakland has more Soul.
Alameda is an island oasis between the two with cute Victorian houses and great shopping, good schools and home values that are surprisingly holding their own.
That is my quick read on it.

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