Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tangential Offerings

There is a certain serendipity when people are connected by parallel lives who concurrently experience similar transitions. In this case two separate folks who have emigrated from New England with it's mirror frozen ponds, powdery snow and clear blue skies to islands with more temperate climates.
One in the Florida Keys so close to the musical Caribbean the other living in the SF bay reflecting Pacific sunlight.
The words laid down by both look at their island with their own senses seeing the beauty of life's metamorphosis's.
Steve is an old friend of mine from the days when are kids were young and we spent many summer hours floating in the thick lake water up in Goshen MA.
FM AUSTIN is my lifes companion who propels us in this current chapter.

~Stephen A. Rozwenc~

island sunrise
voluptuously mauve
a vague horizon invites the raindrop’s prelude
of ivory keys
trebling coral relief

the supine breathed as fish
breath water
as a wish reveals tangential offerings
to unburden clouds

no doubt
almost lushly imagined reef umbels
that release
3 promontories the size of desire’s shadowy embrace

their dressy moon profiles
encircling us
in belief

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Anonymous said...

I have loved reading your entries and Francesca's poetry. Strange how I am getting to know both of you better now through your blog. You are not forgotten even though my contact is less, just busy, that is all.
Blessings to you both on your first Thanksgiving in Alameda...seems like a bit of heaven. Enjoy!