Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Plains Hotel

We have been traveling now for 5 days and covered allot of territory. No doubt we have seen and experienced some remarkable parts of this country. We have reconnected with 2 old friends who have left their former homes and successfully started again in other parts of America. This gives us strength and hope for our future.
The natural beauty of the mountains in Colorado is literally breathtaking and I experienced thin air at 9000 feet. Feeling a bit light headed as we hiked up lightly snow covered trails toward a spectacular waterfall. This passed as I learned that I had to breathe deeper than I am accustomed to get more oxygen per breath.
In Cheyenne Wyoming there is an old Hotel that was built in the 19th century and elegantly renovated restoring an historic luster that impressed me so. Although we did not spend the night there we did enjoy a delicious breakfast in its fine restaurant. Looking at the dinner menu there were some regrets (not by me though) that they did sample one of the house specials -Naturally Organic Bison Meatloaf.

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