Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Three out of four Baby Boomers think they look younger than their peers.

Currently I am reading a book called The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley who talks about survival in a disaster and lists reasons why some don't succumb to what others find inevitable.

This entries title quote is based on a list of issues that can cause one to make a wrong and sometimes deadly decision. One of those false perceptions is overconfidence. The quote is where she shows precisely how common overconfidence actually is. It is a nice one isn't it?
To display overconfidence's fatality she discuses how not evacuating your home during a predicted serious hurricane because you think your precious structure is stronger than wind and rain. Reality indicates that trailers and solid wood frame homes both had their roofs blown off and people drowned in the false security of their denial.

How many of you actually listen the to the safety lecture before the aircraft takes off or know where the closest exit sign is. Why?

This is rather a glum subject inspired by the current crop of dangerous storms perhaps stirred by cooked up ocean temps. At any rate I do recommend this book as an interesting read perhaps changing your perspective a bit. I rarely pick up non fiction preferring a good novel but this has grabbed me and got me to thinking about the unthinkable.

Now are you one of the overconfidant Baby Boomers who actually think you look younger than your peers?

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