Thursday, December 13, 2007

Frozen Solstice

Looking at the frostbitten leaves once so vibrant and green in summer now long gone cold reminds me of an object out of place hanging on to a season that has since past.
It is time that is impossible to freeze but there are many happy moments and chapters in my life that I would liike to capture and re experience. We all realize that this is some idyllic fantasy that will forever elude us.
Water in the atmosphere however freezes into a variety of solids, with snow being the most beautiful. It is an incredible nuisance however when it interferes with travel to and from places that one must be. I am often humbled to be trapped in winters grasp for a moment in time realizing that whatever plans we make there is inevitably a greater force to influence a change of direction.
As we advance toward the Solstice we appreciate the brief daily visit of the sun as well as the blanketing darkness that contrasts so well with the newly fallen snow.

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