Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going Home for the Holidays

Being on the staff of a large University in New England I have become acutely aware of the rhythm of the year as seen on an academic schedule. The students are the barometer as the seasons change from flip flops to leather boots. The photo above shows the Exodus on the day before Thanksgiving as the crowd waits for the buses to take them to all the various points of the compass.
At this point most are looking forward to returning to the family for the Thanksgiving homecoming. It is this occasion that retains the tradition without the trappings of commercialism. Everyone enjoys their favourite food be it mashed potato, cranberry sauce from Mothers special recipe or the roasted turkey basting in the oven since the thin early morning light. Let us not forget to leave room for the ample assortment of pies and other desserts.
It is the aroma of the house that lingers in our memories for years to come. Those special times spent with loved ones remain permanently etched in time.

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