Saturday, August 18, 2007

Historic Hellstorm

After spending such a nice week in Jamaica I have once again renewed my love for the Island and its peoples. It always reinforces my spirit to vacation there. For example while having a discussion with a Rasta during one of those spectacular Negril sunsets he told me in relation to my health and vitality that I should give 'thanks & praises'. That kind of thinking makes me realize even more the blessings that I am bestowed. Sad that it is necessary to hear it from one who is so far away and not from friends and acquaintances nearby. Or even from my inner voice that so often is filled with pessimistic thoughts. That is why it is so important that we visit and apppreciate other cultures and lifestyles.
Hearing about this powerful, mammoth storm with its 150 mph winds heading for a direct hit on this lovely, densely populated Island makes me so scared for the people who live there. I am monitoring this closely and hope that the Rasta power will be able to push the low pressure out to sea averting the damage that seems so imminent. A phrase so often used by people in Jamaica is "NO PROBLEM" and my wish that after this event is over the people can stand on solid ground look at the sunrise and loudly exclaim "yea Mon No Problem". All eyes on Jamaica


marco said...

The hurricane came and go. We italian riders of the storm resisted to his force. It was more a tv event than an event itself. Wind upon wind, rain upon rain, for nine hours. Then it vanished briskly as it came. But it was fantastic the night before, with an army thunders and lightings parading in the sky and announcing His Mightness. A sound and light show without precedents for us. Marvellous...

Anonymous said...

Historic Hellstorm

Counting one's good fortune, or just acknowledging life around you is a rewarding occupation which pulls you up out of the doldrums or whatever negative thoughts you entertain at the moment. agreed!