Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autumn in New England

One often thinks of fall as colors involving brown, red & Yellow. That is often not the case as seen by these Autumn wild flowers on this hillside meadow. It is still quite green here with lush foliage so reminiscent of the quintessential country experience. You can almost taste the herbal tea brewing in the clay pot sitting on the dining room table . Until we enter the golden season which typically occurs after the first frost, it is still late summer with many birds, monarch butterflys morphing from caterpillars on milkweed & a sun shining down of the dewy morning grass. Early morning fog rises from the lowland rivers and streams as the flocks of geese fly in V formation overhead calling to eachother to fly still further south in their annual migration. The rapid reduction of daylight hours is dimming the memory of summer but so much of nature hangs on for the last gasp of a season that is all too short. Posted by Picasa

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