Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It is not often that I sing the praises of someone on this blog. However there are some people who just know their way around tools and have the creative thinking to solve mechanical problems. I am certainly not that kind of person but when I recognize the quality I just stand back in awe. They are just some people who have a vast toolkit and the knack for making the difficult task look easy.
We are so fortunate to know such a guy. He has been helping my family out for almost five years and we rely on him to come to our rescue for any all problems in and around our home. He has rebuilt our bathroom, put in two water heaters, created a sump pump that has kept our basement dry and C. sane. Repaired leaky faucets & fixed some faulty circuit breakers. Reinsulated some drafty windows and installed ceiling fans.
He even maintains our old cub cadet tractor and keeps it humming for the season. Sometimes against all obstacles. In the above picture the front tire went flat and he had to remove it. Observe how he hoisted it up with a jack, secured it on two beams leaving it in place so he can replace the tire with a new one tomorrow. Solution for every trouble. What a guy.
Hats off to you Joe!

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hhmc said...

I have often felt that there are all kinds of "intelligences" in this world. One I have always been aware of is the mechanical (how things are put together and what makes them work) Even though we measure intelligence only verbally the (I.Q. Test), we overlook all the other intelligent kinds i.e., musical, artistic, mechanical etc. When we measure for an intelligence rating. Glad you were aware of this one.