Saturday, January 21, 2006


Hey Colleen. Thanks so much for helping us out this morning. I am really glad that everything turned out okay. I am sure that you probably guessed that Presley is fine & off to see her friend in Rhode Island and then the both of them will head back Sunday to check in at the dorms at Conn. At least she is heading in the right direction. She ate a bagel and had some of that delicious Cooley Coffee. My plan to determine if she is good to go was to have her visit the the gym give herself a vigorous workout and if anything starts to bother her lets deal further. She went to the gym felt great, took a shower and we all said good bye in the drive way. Interesting morning.
Hope Ron our neighbors procedure goes routinely and he will be home tomorrow. I plan to drop off some comic books for him at the house tomorrow.
I appreciate the good will and smiles you extended to us and really glad CDH was there in this little emergency, which ultimately turned out to be something to laugh & wonder at. Say thanks to the Dr Domenic ......?
Let me know about the party next week. Feel it out if I am really welcome. I'm not ready to be a party crasher at Ellens.
Peace out

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DAEPRO said...

Charleen, this is from Cheska. Thank you so much for your ER hospitality this morning - my next door neighbor appreciated her cup of coffee as she waited with her son. Marley arrived safely in Providence on her way to CT as Danny mentioned. I have to say again, you LOOKED GREAT - and it was really nice meeting you in person!!! My email is