Thursday, December 29, 2005

Origin of the whole in the donut

You may be wondering how I chose the title of this blog. It was a catch phrase that an old friend of mine used to use all the time. This past week however I was conversing with an email buddy and old friend of mine.Who asked me how I got to this title. She explained that in recovery "The Whole in the Donut" represents {if I may paraphrase} the void that is often left when someone makes a radical change in their life. How someone fills that void is often done by spirituality, art, or fellowship. Thanks Debbie

During this time of New Year we often look back and reflect on the past year and wonder what is up ahead. What changes that we have made and how they now fit into our lifestyle. A fitting period to examine that whole in our donut to see how we might go ahead and positively fill that space that we all often experience as boredom, anxiety, fear and lonlieness....
Happy New Year. Y'all

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Cindy said...

You have some beautiful photography on your site. I would love to have your view from the window at work.